Heritage of Asian Ancestor


  This place it was my first destination before Putrajaya. Yes ….. which has status as heritage of Cambodia ancestors,  Angkor Wat Temple.….that is still show his sustainability on mainland of Cambodia,  which  can  hypnotize every eye that look at him, Due to authenticity artistic of carvings are perched on each side temple wall. That located in the suburbs, course it far from potential damage and making it beautiful and keep safe.  In fact not only Angkor Wat Temple was built here, but  the other temple also ,  there is Ta Prohm Temple, and Bayon Temple.

Angkor Wat it was  heritage of khmer nation and was made by Suryawarman King to  the God of  Vishnu.  Which one ,this is a center area of Khmer Kingdom. For the interest of the preserver,  this  place  it was claimed as one of the world  inheritage site by UNESCO.

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